[CF Devotionals] 2008-10-12 - Ruth: The Good News and the Bad News

Installment 27 ~ Chapter 3, Part 5

Verses 10-13: Boaz presents some good news bad news comments. He is impressed with the purity and humility of this young woman, a fact known by the entire community. He is moved by her (by God) to fulfill her request. He is also flattered that this lovely young woman would be interested in him, an older man. This, I assume, means he is willing to marry her. This is the good news. Unfortunately, Boaz also has some bad news for Ruth. There is a closer relative than him. This means someone else should be the one to marry Ruth and redeem Naomi’s property. What a shock. As Huey points out, this brings up one question.

“As already suggested, Naomi could not have been unaware of the other kinsman, though Ruth probably may not have known of his existence. Why Naomi sent Ruth to Boaz instead of to the other man can only be surmised. Naomi may have preferred Boaz or for some reason did not feel free to approach the other kinsman directly and hoped that Boaz would serve as a “go between.” 5

Boaz as a man of character, intends to follow the letter of the Law. He will contact the other kinsman and ascertain his intent. Boaz is willing to do this, in spite of the fact he has feelings for Ruth. This is honor. Finally, if he is free to act, then Boaz intends to marry Ruth.

  1. Huey.

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