[CF Devotionals]2008-10-07 - Ruth: Ruth seeks care from Boaz

Installment 26 ~ Chapter 3, Part 4

Verses 6-9: There is at least one question here that we can’t answer. What was Boaz even doing at the field again? This would not have been the norm for a man in his position. I guess maybe God sent him.

Anyway, it appears Boaz had a good time. He has been eating, drinking and feeling pretty good about life. So he went to sleep. Ruth slips in and places herself at Boaz’s feet. There area number of shadings one can read into the interactions of Ruth and Boaz at this point, including the possibility that Ruth is asking Boaz to marry her. Let me share a few statements regarding the passage. First, Reed notes:

“Boaz asked for the identity of his unusual guest. Ruth responded in humility: I am your servant Ruth. She had put herself under the wings of Yahweh (2:12), and now she asked to be put under the wings of Boaz. In the phrase the corner of your garment the word “corner” is kãnãp, which is translated “wing” in 2:12. She used a poetic image that had its source in the blessing that Boaz had given her. A Moabitess widow was calling the attention of a noted Hebrew to his responsibility. He could now follow through on his benediction (2:12) by becoming Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer and providing her with the security of marriage.” 3

Jackman agrees that what is really being asked by Ruth is for Boaz to marry her, or as he states:

“This is the burden of Ruth’s request in verse 9, where she uses the word “wing,” as Boaz had done (2:12). Most modern translations take this to mean the corner of the garment of blanket which covered Boaz. If that is so, then Ruth’s request is for more than protection. It is an appeal to him to marry her, so that they will share the same covering. In the context of the chapter this seems to be more likely meaning, especially in view of the response of Boaz in verses 11-13.” 4

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