[CF Devotionals] 2008-10-04 - A Call for Honesty

1 John 3:8, “For the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

The grace of God in the heart of those who have come to Him by faith installs new principles in that person. They cannot be the same. Grace gives us new thoughts, new desires, hopes, practices - and changes us in every area of our lives. The grace of God coming to us shows us those things in us that are evil and displeasing to God. Our conscience is awakened, and we cannot be the same. It is a heavenly training, and we find our old self-indulgences give way to a new inclination that makes us free unto holiness, righteousness and truth. We are now free to be holy. Isn't that a rush? Free to be holy! Holiness is no longer a burden. It is our goal. And yet we cannot help but notice that this is not the reality of so many who call themselves Christians.

How many professing “believers” seem no different than the world they are supposed to forsake? Is it any wonder, when we are pursuing worldly interests above Heavenly, that no one ever asks us to give an account for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15)? They don't see our hope as any different than their hope. The hope of so many believers appears to be grounded in the things of Earth. My friends, this should not be. We serve the Living God, maker of Heaven and Earth, the Redeemer of our souls, and would we be tied to the Earth? May it never be! The great work of the Holy Spirit is to make us godly. The aim of the child of God is to think of God, commune with God, love God, and live with and for God. Our goals transcend and rise above the things of this passing Earth. We cannot be tied to this Earth, forgetting God, with impunity. If we leave the Lord out of our calculations in this life, we have made a fatal mistake. There is a God, and soon we will appear before Him to give an account of the hours, days, weeks and years He has graciously given us. We are accountable to Him, and we are fools not to live thusly.

Maybe there should be a little more honesty among believers. We know we can't serve both Christ's cause and the god of this world. Yet so many try. It seems the honest thing to do is to admit it, if you are going to serve the god of this world, and then go do it. Do it, and take the consequences. However, if you are going to be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, then give up all your partnership with this world, except as it serves you in serving Christ. A Christian needs to have integrity. To be a follower of Christ not only implies, but demands, a certain uprightness of life. Grace in the heart must result in godliness in the life. Oh, that we would first seek His kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). We would then have the joy in Christ that every child of God longs for, if we made Him the chief end of our being.

We expect to be like Jesus when we see Him as He is (1 John 3:2). This lies in the glorious future for every one of the Redeemed in Christ. How great will be that day, and how much greater will it be for us if, when we see Him face-to-face, we are not still tied to the things of this passing world.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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