[CF Devotionals] 2008-09-14 - Ruth: Providence

Installment 23 ~ Chapter 3, Part 1

Chapter 3:1-18


In the mid-70s through the mid 80s, I worked in the medical field. I was an administrator for many of those years in a large San Francisco hospital. Over the years I would become dissatisfied with the job, the hospital - and though I didn’t realize I -, the industry itself. On a couple of occasions I decided I needed to go to work for another hospital. And with my experience and longevity, I should have been able to easily move. I prayed that if my dissatisfaction was from God, He would move me to a new job. I did the usual stuff: called people I knew, applied to want ads, etc. If God intended me to move, I’d be successful. If not, I wouldn’t. Keep in mind my intent was to find another job in the hospital field.

Well over the fourteen years I did this twice. On both occasions, nothing came of my efforts. I understood that the Lord wanted me to stay where I was. And on these occasions I was content to stay, for a time. But …There was a difference on the third occasion. First, the situation at the hospital had become intolerable. Second, I had come to the realization the industry was becoming something I no longer wanted to be part of. Third, it had become clear to both my wife Janette and myself that the time had come for me to go into the pastorate.

And this time, it was God’s time. So the change occurred. God moved me out. I discovered God’s will by taking action which allowed God to move in my life. One way of discovering God’s will is be acting, allowing God to open or close doors. Whether Ruth and Naomi realized it, they were doing the same thing, taking steps so God would manifest His grace in their lives.

To be continued next week.

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