[CF Devotiona;ls] 2008-09-07 - Ruth: God's Favor

Installment 22 ~ Chapter 2, Part 8

Conclusion: The story of Ruth should be one of great comfort. We always talk about the fact God loves us, is in control, and doesn’t make mistakes. We know He is at work behind the scenes. But sometimes we don’t have the faith to live in this reality. The account of Ruth is given for many reasons, but among them, it serves as an illustration of God working even when the recipients of His work aren’t aware of it.

Dr. McGee notes that while Ruth asks one question, “Why have I found such favor in your eyes that you notice me — a foreigner?”

“… there is one question I cannot answer: Why have I found grace in the eyes of God? Now don’t tell me to go home and look in the mirror, because I’ve done that. Frankly, friend, the image is something that’s not quite attractive. I don’t see the answer in the mirror. But God has extended grace toward us. … We’re sinners, and we’re in rebellion against God. And yet, in spite of all  that, God loves us! That is one of the great truths of the Word of God. He demonstrated that love, because “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” He extended His grace to us. And, friend, that’s the basis upon which He saves us today. He hasn’t any other reason for saving us.” 10
Spiritual Freedom.
(Composed in Prison.)

A little bird I am,
Shut from the fields of air
And in my cage I sit and sing
To Him who placed me there
Well pleased a prisoner to be
Because, my God, it pleases Thee

Naught have I else to do.
I sing the whole day long,
And He whom most I love to please
— Doth listen to my song.
He caught and bound my wandering wing,
But still He bends to hear me sing.

Thou hast an ear to hear,
A heart to love and bless
And, though my notes were e’er so rude,
Thou wouldst not hear the less;
Because Thou knowest, as they fall,
My prison walls can not control
That love — sweet love — inspires them all,

My cage confines me round
Abroad I can not fly.
But, though my wing is closely bound
My heart’s at liberty
My prison walls can not control
The flight, the freedom, of the soul.

Oh, it is good to soar
These bolts and bars above
To Him whose purpose I adore,
Whose providence I love;
And in Thy mighty will to find
The joy, the freedom, of the soul.’

Madame Guyon.11

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