[CF Devotionals] 2008-08-29 - My Obituary

Psalm 139:23a (NIV) Search me, O God, and know my heart.

I’ve always been fascinated by tombstones, but since my mother’s recent death, I have become an avid reader of newspaper obituaries, as well. Sometimes they are written ahead by the deceased, to try to make it easy on their families. Other times, the families put it together at the last minute, attempting to summarize in a few sentences or paragraphs, an entire life.

Some obituaries emphasize volunteer work, while others describe a passionate hobby such as mountain-climbing or bicycling. Sometimes the headlines mention issues related to faith, such as church membership or mission work.

Ideally, obituaries will be not only a tribute that will be meaningful to families, and a reminder to old friends - but also informative to people who didn’t know the person.

What would you want people to read about you when you are no longer on this Earth, if it were a true picture of your character and life? That you were obsessed with more and more money? That you spent a lot of time club-hopping? That you took out your frustrations on your family/ Or that you were a faithful friend, devoted spouse, tender parent? Perhaps that you were an humble servant of God?

Based on your everyday life and behavior right now, what would be written about you, by an observer who didn’t know your heart well? That should be an indicator of what you may need to work on in your spiritual walk. Thinking about our obituary is a very good way to get our priorities in order. I would encourage you to write one up for yourself today, and then think about how well it lines up with how you are living your everyday life at this time. I’m going to do it, as well. For any who care to share, I would love to hear your results.

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