[CF Devotionals] 2008-08-24 - Ruth: The Blessing of an Humble Woman

Installment 20 ~ Chapter 2, Part 6

Verses 10-13: Ruth responds with the traditional humility of the Middle Eastern woman of her time. She doesn’t understand why she has received such favor from Boaz. Clearly, her reputation has preceded her. Remember, Bethlehem was a small town. Obviously, Boaz has heard about her commitment to her mother-in-law.

While neither Boaz nor Ruth realize God is working behind the scenes, Boaz does see an opportunity to be His instrument of blessing for Ruth. There are two aspects to the blessing: First, in response to her commitment to Naomi and second, because of her commitment to the God of Israel. He uses the phrase of being protected under God’s wings, which refers to a chick being protected by its mother’s wings.

Ruth seems to be amazed at Boaz’s kindness, which is a demonstration of her humility. She expresses her appreciation, and the desire that she would continue to act in such a way that she would not disappoint him. She defines herself as the lowliest of servants.

“Some believe a shiphah was a woman on the lowest social level whereas there is evidence that an‘amah was a woman who could become the wife or concubine of a freeman. In her humility Ruth added that she did not even occupy the position of Boaz’s lowliest shiphah.” 8

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