[CF Devotionals] 2008-08-23 - Out Of This World

There are many who suppose that there are other worlds, other Earths, as it were, where there is life to be found of some sort or another. I will not try to argue one way or another. It really doesn't matter, except, in this case, for the following thought. If there are other worlds, and this world, us, having rebelled against the Creator - the living God who creates all worlds - if we having rebelled against God, and fallen into sin, should get off without punishment, then what sort of example does that leave for other worlds, as to the justice and holiness of God? If sin here goes unpunished, why would not the other worlds think that they might sin and rebel against their Creator without consequence?

If we have done this, and suffered no punishment, then why may they not have the same experience? If sin in this world goes unpunished, it would give all other worlds, assuming they exist, free license to do the same. What a wonder it is that forgiveness is available to us who have sinned against a holy God. How great must His love to us be that He Himself has taken the penalty, for our sin, upon Himself, that we might live and not die. Forgiveness is a great wonder. It is a terrible mercy. The forgiveness of God should only increase our wonder, awe, and unceasing love towards our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.

Why would I say that forgiveness is a terrible mercy? I think that is a good way to put it,because while some are forgiven in Christ, not all are. Mercy is terrible to all who posses it not. It is terrible because it is there, and yet so many have it not. Do you ever wonder that grace has found you and not another? I think of maybe another who seemingly is even more righteous or holy than you are, but they have never been born again. Regeneration is unknown to them. They live outwardly respectable lives, prospering in the world, but inwardly they are without God, without Christ, without hope, without mercy. I affix the word terrible to mercy, because it is a hard thought that such as are outwardly moral, are really dead in sin (Ephesians 2:1). They appear to have life, but without mercy, that outward facade only serves to cloud the true Christless eternity that awaits them when they die. God's mercy is terrible in its wonder. It reaches some, but not others. I touches one, and passes by another. It is salvation to the one, and destruction to the other.

What a blessed thing the forgiveness of God in Christ is to those who have come to Him in faith. I spend a lot of time in hospitals, and one thing I have noticed is how blessed a thing it is for one to know forgiveness, and what a despairing thing it is for one to know nothing of the peace of sin forgiven. As an individual lies there on the bed, their countenance gives them away. You can see the expression; one has peace - one does not. But this continues to amaze me. God delights to forgive. It is His pleasure to be reconciled, through Christ, to us.

How many will turn a blind eye and stop their ears to a Christless eternity that awaits them? Their place in eternity awaits them, and apathy dominates their thoughts. This is not only true in hospitals. It can be seen in the supermarket, dollar store, beach boardwalk, or any other place that we see people. Do you ever wonder if other worlds are watching us with horror that so many in this world, where forgiveness can be found, never seek it, and rather run foolishly to meet their Creator while carrying their sin upon their backs like loads of millstone?

I don't know if other worlds exist. I will not ever speculate about it, since I have nothing to do with them in any practical manner. But I know I have sin, and I know that without Christ, my sin is my own. Other worlds or not, it is a blessing that, in Christ, mercy need not be terrible. It can be, and is, wonderful.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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