[CF Devotionals] 2008-08-18 - David: Facing the Giant

Through faith, David faced the giant and won. (1 Samuel 17:4-11, 32-49, Hebrews 11:32, 34)

"David said to Saul, 'Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.'" (1 Samuel 17:32 NIV)

Not only were David and Goliath on the opposing sides; they also saw the standoff differently. David knew God would step in and protect him from injury. Goliath the giant, on the other hand, only took stock in his own strength. It seemed bizarre for David to face a military legend with only stones and a sling. Likewise, our minds may tell us a situation is difficult or impossible, but like David, we can be victorious in the end, when we put our faith in God and not our own abilities. God will not abandon us when we call on Him.

God is the leader; we are the follower. Because the Lord was in David's life, the shepherd had all he needed. God gave David the power to recharge his mind and muscles. David was facing a life-defying challenge, on the brink of death, and no fear was found in him. Since God was guiding David, how could he fail?

The Lord's way is foolproof. When our enemies confront us, we can have Godly favor. It may sound too good to be true, but it's not. God's love and care are genuine. This kindness and goodness of God's love never stops. David knew God would step in and protect him when faced with the giant Goliath. We can have the same assurance when we face giants in life. (See Proverbs 16:20 and Isaiah 26:4)

Lord, How awesome that You take care of me. Nothing is too small or too big a deal for You! You pay attention to the details, and You understand. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


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