[CF Devotionals] 2008-07-31 - Flying Blind

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

Ever follow a big delivery truck in a small car down a very straight road? The big boxy shape blocks out everything directly down the road in front of the truck. It is wise to leave some following distance between you and the large vehicle to stop, but it makes almost no difference to your visibility directly ahead.

As you have probably guessed I was the one following the large truck in the small car. As we traveled down the road together the truck slowed down significantly allowing a car in front of the truck to make a left-hand turn. I learned a little trust in the judgment of the driver. As we continued down the road he slowed abruptly. As soon as the brake lights lit I knew I should try to maintain some distance. The truck ended up coming to a complete stop. Another car in front of the truck needed to make a left turn into a hidden driveway and had to wait for oncoming traffic to pass. I have been down that road dozens of times and I'm not sure I had ever seen that driveway. If I had not respected the truck driver's judgment, I might have gotten much closer before I stopped safely behind the truck.

Did it matter that I could not see the turn signals or brake lights of the two turning cars? They were turning and needed to adjust their speed, the latter to allow traffic to pass before the turn could be completed. It was important that I trust the judgment of the truck driver who had a clear field of vision and honor his signals.

There are times like this during the life of any follower of Christ. There are times when He shows us what we need to see. Sometimes there is not much visibility - a difficult time in our lives, an illness, injury or a sudden death in the family can be very confusing not unlike driving in fog. As we continue down the road with Jesus, we learn to trust His judgment; that what we are going through will not overtake us.

It does not matter that we can not see through the fog of the situation. Jesus knows the road and the conditions. He made the atoms that make up the road, and in fact holds them together by the power of His will. No matter how confused we are, He is in control. And will guide us safely through, sometimes one step at a time if we will trust Him. It may seem like we are flying blind at those times, but it's really more like flying on instruments as we learn to read and trust the signals He gives us.


Grace & Peace,

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