[CF Devotionals] 2008-07-19 - What Are You Living For?

1 Kings 18:21, “How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.”

Ask that question to many and you will, I imagine, be greeted with a blank stare. Most don't ever consider the question, which it seems is an important one. We go to work, take vacations, attend church and family gatherings go shopping, mow the lawn, etc., but why? What are we living for? Maybe it is for the next vacation, or for our children, or maybe our consuming compassion is that new car, or better home - but these are not things to “live” for. What is our main objective in life? For many, it is to enjoy themselves. For many, it is the endless pursuit of pleasure, and yet, I still think when posed with the question, “What are you living for?” even the person bent on all-things-self, would be mystified and unable to answer. Most do not have a certain object to life. Most who seem to have defining interests and pursuits would not wish to admit that those quests define them. They would want something more. I submit that most people go though this life with no definite aim to it.

There are really only two things that we live for, and this applies not to most of us, but all of us. We either live for God or for Satan. You might think that is such a hard distinction, and I would submit to you that the distinction is harder than that. Upon what we live for depends our eternity. You and I either serve Christ or the devil. This being true, we ought to be firmly resolved which it will be - and then live according to our convictions. I would take you to the words of Elijah to the people of Israel, in the verse we started with. Elijah draws a clear distinction between God and the false god, non-god, Baal. The matter is just as clear today. We are presented with the same challenge today. Will we follow God, or will we turn our own way and serve whatever sensual pleasures gratify our lusts? Is God worth serving? Is your soul worth saving? The questions are rhetorical.

What sort of legacy will you leave when you leave this Earth? What are your aspirations? Would you settle for inventing the next new thing that will be old tomorrow? Will you live for the living God whose ways are everlasting, and whose truth is established more firmly than the heavens themselves? This is an excellent life. It is a life worth living. It is a sure way to live a life that is not wasted. Lots of people waste their lives on important nothings. The follower of Christ has a higher calling. We serve a living God who has redeemed us and lovingly cared for us. The commendable life is one that sets the Lord as the reason for living. Only those who know sin forgiven can give a satisfying answer to the question we started with. The Christian is living for Christ, and there is no other life that brings greater joy, peace, and gratification - than the life staid upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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