[CF Devotionals] 2008-07-18 - See Any Flowers Lately?

On the way home from work recently, I stopped to grab a sandwich at a drive-through window. While I waited in line, I was admiring the lovely flowers that I could see through a nearby fence. As my car crept closer to the fence, I was eager to see whether they were roses. But lo and behold, there were no flowers at all! What I had seen was simply a reflection of the setting sun on the fence!

And I thought, “isn’t life like that, in a way?” We should be looking for flowers that one normally doesn’t see. For example, I will be frank with you. I simply hate Summer (in the US; I haven’t experienced it elsewhere). The temperatures and heat are oppressive, sometimes to the point of killing people and animals. Everywhere you go, it’s incredibly crowded – no peaceful space to be had. The drought is so bad that we aren’t allowed to wash our cars and up until recently, we couldn’t water a garden or flowers. Fleas are abounding, no matter what you do – sprays / powders / baths / collars / neck treatments / scrupulously clean bedding. There’s not much good to be said for Summer; if I could, I would ask God why we have to have it!

But I don’t want to be a negative person, so for the lasts couple months, I have been bound and determined to find some flowers - something positive to think and say about Summer. I haven’t come up with much, but at least it’s not as hot as it was in the 1950s. That’s when we broke many heat records, contrary to common current myths. And I would rather have temperatures hovering around 100 and dry – than to have my house blown apart by tornadoes. Plus, at least I have a house to keep cool (thank God for heat pumps.). Some people are living in steamy trailers, and some who work long hours and spend wisely still can’t afford mortgage payments.

Other flowers I have found in the last few weeks:

Yes, I could do without having to pay hundreds of dollars for drought-killed trees to be safely taken down before they damage power lines or our house.  But at least we have power; in some countries like Congo, there are areas where the infrastructure has been destroyed by war.

Yes, it’s annoying to need to have a dishwasher repairman out three times in one year for a new dishwasher, all manufacturer’s defects (don’t get me started on work ethics!). But at least I have a Dishwasher –which saves more water than handwashing. dishes. And at least these problems are related to “things” and not our health.

Yes, it’s frustrating that our builder didn’t put insulation in well, and it’s now falling down and we have to pay a lot of money to have it repaired, but at least we are able to afford to pay it.

However bad things are, things could be worse. So let’s keep looking for the flowers.

Ecclesiastes 8:15 (NIV) So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.

They are out there, if we look for them. I would love to hear about the flower garden of your lives. I enjoyed very much your “six-word” lists. Thank you for sharing them.


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