[CF Devotionals] 2008-06-15 -  How Powerful is All Power?

Psalm 28:7, “The Lord is my strength.”

The above is only the first part of the verse, but there is enough here for meditation upon. This is because, in ourselves, what we have is weakness. It is all we know. How encouraging it is when we get a sight of God's perfect strength. We have trials, and they are real, but God gives us His strength which is greater than the greatest obstacles we encounter. In our deepest struggles, let us say with the Psalmist, “The Lord is my strength.”

This is a verse that should be very personal to the follower of Christ. The Lord is his or her strength. What happens if we take the personal out of the promise? The Lord is a strength. Certainly, this a true statement, but so what? If the Lord is a strength, but not to me, it is at best a neutral consideration, and possibly something that could work against us. What good is it, if the Lord is the strength of my co-worker or neighbor, if He be not my strength? It would be of little use. However, that is not what we find here. The Lord is my strength. It is a precious promise to those who follow the Lord.

Notice also that our comfort is not in anything that we have been given. We are not here admonished to look anywhere but to the Lord. God gives us many graces in Christ. His providence usward is beyond our grasp. We know that He ever cares for us and loves us as His children. We do not trust in all the mercies we have received at the hand of the Lord. We do not look at all the things He has blessed us with, to find our strength. We look to the Lord Himself. He, Himself, is our strength. It is not the Lord's faithfulness to us that is our strength, yet it is His faithfulness to us that is a manifestation of how He is our strength. The Lord is our strength. We look to Him. We trust in Him (Psalm 2:12, 4:5, 5:11, 7:1, 9:10 - only scratches the surface of those passages that admonish us to trust the Lord.).

The man or woman who can say that the Lord is their strength is rich beyond riches. You may not have much pocket change, but you have possession of real, lasting riches. You have the Lord, if He is your strength. You might own estates, gold beyond viewing, pennies beyond counting, but it is the one who has the Lord as their strength that is rich. Jesus tells us a parable (Luke 12:16-21) about one who was rich in things but not rich towards God. What do we learn? We learn that, in truth, the so-called rich man had nothing, because he was not rich toward God. If the Lord is your strength, you have lasting riches. When the Lord is our strength, Heaven is ours, forgiveness of sin is ours, peace of conscience is ours, Christ is ours!

Christian how strong you are when the Lord is your strength. You may be weak yourself, and you might as well come to terms with it. In ourselves, we are weak. To be weak is our condition, but have you ever considered that to know that we are weak is a sign of God's grace? We are weak by nature, but to know we are weak, to have come to understand that we are weak is a work of grace. Our natural inclination is to think we are strong, but when we know our weakness, and that our strength is in the Lord - this is grace. How powerful is God's strength? Can it be determined? I submit that it cannot. There is nothing which the Lord cannot do. Think just of God's actions in Joshua 10. In response to the prayer of Joshua, the Lord extended the day, and the sun did not set until all the Israelites desired to do was accomplished. How much strength is all strength? He made the heavens and the Earth. How much strength is that?

In the days that we struggle, in those times when we feel despondent - in all our cares, desires, worries, frettings, and agonizing - let us latch onto the Lord as our only strength. He alone can sustain us through the battle. He alone is a strength sufficient for all our needs. “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness,” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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