[CF Devotionals] 2008-05-31 - Changed Lives

Psalm 102:26, "Like clothing Thou wilt change them, and they will be changed."

We have too much, rather than too little, evidence for our faith. There are those who will try to make it seem that there is little evidence for the Christian faith, and they will bring up things like the problem of evil. They always fail in their reasonings. Take that one issue, for an example. Does not the existence of evil presuppose that there is a good to compare it with? Where would we get a concept of evil, if it were not from good? Where could a moral understanding that some things are good and some are evil come from? It could only come from a higher authority who defines what good and evil are. If you are going to admit evil exists, you have to admit also that good exists, and if good exists, then there has to be One who defines what good is - a moral absolute. There must be a moral Law Giver who distinguishes between good and evil. We have already reached the point here that some sort of Divine being exists, and we have silenced all those who say that the existence of evil proves there is no God. All this in a few sentences, and we could say much more - but the point is that there is more evidence for the Christian faith, than there is to disprove it, despite what the pundits might wish to say or think.

Even stronger - look at the life of the follower of Christ. Do you need evidence of the truth that Christ can forgive sins? Look at the changed lives of His followers. It is nothing short of a phenomenon. Try to tell the man or woman that there is no God to hear prayer, when they know their prayers have been heard and answered. Pile all the evidence you wish to the supplicant who has had his/her prayers answered, and you cannot convince him/her that God does not exist and therefore does not hear prayer. He/she knows by experience that He does. Try to tell the follower of Christ who lived for years in bondage to sin, that there is no such thing as joy in the Lord. The follower of Christ will only feel sorry for you. How does one argue with a changed life? All the reasoning in the world cannot overcome the reality that Christ changes lives. He renews hearts. He gives life. The Christian knows it by experience, and all the rantings of those who doubt become meaningless when the follower of Christ says, "I have a new heart." All the sneers in the world of the witty unbeliever fall to the ground here.

The Christian who knows Christ in his/her heart, and by experience, can as easily be convinced that this experience is untrue, as they can be reasoned out of a toothache. Convince the follower of Christ that they really don't exist before you will convince them that Christ cannot change a life. They know: Their lives have been transformed. He has saved their souls. Their conscience is no longer accusing them, and they live in newness of life. They know the joy of forgiven sin, and would someone try to induce them to deny what they know by experience? The center of the Christian faith is that Christ changes lives. It provides evidence that the skeptics must close their eyes too, and deny. No attack can overcome the truth in the life of a believer, that their lives are not the same since Christ has called them to Himself. Our own experience overcomes all those who would be cynics. There is too much evidence on the side of Christ and His Gospel, to reach any other conclusion.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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