[CF Devotionals] 2008-05-17 - Esther's Thoughts

Esther 2:15, "And Esther found favor in the eyes of all who saw her."

In Iain Murray's biography on Jonathan Edwards, he has a chapter on his daughter Esther, who in addition to being the daughter of "America's Theologian," was a mother herself - and wife of the President of early Princeton University, which was then known as the College of New Jersey. At one point in her journal, she records after a conversation with her father, "What a mercy that I have such a Father! Such a Guide!" Esther herself, however, has some interesting observations concerning life in general, and Murray records them in a chapter in his biography of Edwards. It is a woman's insight into life, from her journal, which was not meant for publication. They include some of her more interesting thoughts and have been supplied by Murray in his biography (There are a couple of spelling mistakes - They are from her journal):

"Make it the business of life to prepare for heaven.

O pray for me that I may have a right temper of mind towards the ever blessed God!

That knowledge of God that dos not produce a love to him and a desire to be like him is not a true knowledge.

God has ennabled me to trust in him and rely upon him - and tis my comfort and joy that he will be glorified whatever become of me.

I think God has been Near to me this eve - O how good tis to get near the Lord! I long to live near him always - nor is it living unless I do ... I feel excdingly afraid of being left to distrust God as I have done for some weeks past - Nothing but the mighty power of God can keep me from it - I feel myself infinitely weak and unable to do the least thing of my self - And God appears all Sufficient - I have a headache all day to day.

What a charming place this world would be of it was not for the inhabitants - O I long for the blessed and glorious times when this World shall become a Mountain of Holiness."

These are thoughts from a daughter, wife, and mother. They give some of the mundane issues and feelings life brings, along with some deep reflections on the things of God. I commend them to you for consideration, and I hope that all mothers, and all daughters, had a blessed Mother's Day.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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