[CF Devotionals] 2008-05-13 - Ruth

Installment 5

Choices & Consequences

Chapter 1:1-7

I was watching the Dr. Laura show the other night. She posed the following question: If the only way a mother could provide food for her children was to become a prostitute, would that necessity make it an acceptable choice? This of course is a pragmatic question. The school classroom equivalent is: if there are six people in a life boat, and only enough food for four ...

I don't remember what the people on the street answered. But what Dr. Laura correctly pointed out is we don't have to accept the basic premise of these questions. The question that starts with the premise that a woman either has to let her children starve, or become a prostitute, should not be allowed to stand. There are always alternatives. And in a world where God loves us, is in control and never makes mistakes, there are always choices. Running from one's problems isn't the answer. The answer to the struggles of life is turning to God. While He may not remove them, He will get us through them.

As we examine the opening verses of Ruth, we see an example of the contemporary decision-making process. Decisions are based on pragmatism, rather than what God expects. We will see how this is demonstrated in the life of Elimelech, and we will consider how we may act similarly in our own life, and be reminded that to do so is actually a demonstration of lack of faith in God. And with this behavior comes consequences.

  1. Doing Your Own Thing ~ Verses 1-2
  2. Losses in Life ~ Verses 3-5
  3. Doing Your Own Thing - Part 2 ~ Verses 6-7

To be continued.

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