[CF Devotionals] 2008-04-10 - Faithful Friends

1 Thes 1:2 We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers.

I've written on this topic before, but I am constantly amazed at the support of friends who are faithful in prayer and on your doorstep when you need them. They are like gold coins - both rare and valued. Paul is writing here to a faithful church that has supported him though his ministry. We only get a few of the names of this group, but they supported the Apostle in many ways as he traveled and preached the gospel. This is a prime example of a faithful relationship between the Thessalonians and Paul. A few of them may have been very close to Paul.

On a more personal level I have any number of professional and personal aquaintences in my life. Some of these people I have known for a long time. But these are not the people I'm talking about. There are people who I have been involved with on a personal level and are welcome to join me at almost any time at all. These are not the friends I am talking about either. Then there are maybe two or three people God has placed in my path, who know some or even many of the intimate details of my life. They know my failings and my successes, and they are still my friends in spite of them. And I know their victories and stumbles in some quantity, and I would not trade these friends in for any reason.

What it is that sets these people apart, is their faithfulness in many ways.

  • With their hearts and their ears they will listen to my sorrows or my joys and share them with me, regardless of what is happening in their own lives. They will listen to my heartfelt apology if I have let them down somehow, and accept it without reservation informing me that there was nothing to forgive. It was already forgotten. Without forgiveness and prayer, it is hard to make old friends.

  • With their honest, caring words they will share their pains, or warn me of something they are concerned about in my life. They will keep me accountable without judging. With thought and prayer they support me through difficult times. They know I will do the same for them.

  • With their time they are there when I need them, and I will be there for them whenever possible. On moving day, or help with a house project or car problem, or computer glitch, we share the load for each other. And if one can't be there for the other, we know there is a reason. We don't come out of obligation, but for the fun of friendship. We are always thankful for the help too.

There are more reasons - lots of reasons. To create a perfect definition of what makes one of those rare relationships is a difficult recipe to define. The ingredients differ from one pair of friends to another though I am sure there are some fairly constant items in the mix too. I have it on my heart to ask something a little unusual. If you feel led to share, please write me with your first name, the first name of your closest friend, and a few sentences of the qualities that make this relationship a faithful friendship. I encourage you to really think about it.


Lord Jesus - Thank You for the amazing people you place in our lives as reflections of the love You have for for each of us. Amen.

Grace & Peace,

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