[CF Devotionals] 2008-03-20 - We Need To Do Better

Matt 4:16 "The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great light, And to those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, Upon them a light dawned." (NASB)

An Iraqi Minister from the nation's central government was being interviewed this morning. He was asked how a particular aspect of the support for the regional areas was going. His response was immediate and heartfelt, "We need to do better." I was impressed by his sincerity.

I heard a small voice whisper in the back of my head, "We need to do better too." There was no other reply than, "Yes, Lord."

In a society that is focused on the social lives of pop stars, who probably wish they could go out to dinner without being recognized or photographed, we place priority on the superficial while the real world goes wanting. There is a great deal of need even in America today. Basic needs are not met for more people.

In all this need there are doors to open. If we as believers can help meet these needs, even in small ways, we can become the light in dark places. It is a very dark, lonely place to be when there are five boxes of macaroni and cheese in your cupboard, a tank of gas in your car and no money coming in to buy more food. I've been there. I know. But for the mercy of a few friends during that time, I would have been very hungry and homeless. I have stood on the brink of it and looked over the edge.

Most churches have food banks or clothing to give away to people who are in need. Does the neighborhood know? Does the town government know they can refer to anyone who might call asking for assistance that your church can help? Imagine the impact of a bag of groceries and basics to a family with small children. Donations or time organizing and distributing the donations is all part of touching lives. That opens doors of grateful families and individuals to hear the love of God toward them from people who put skin on God's love.

We need to do better - not just as individuals, but has churches and local groups.

Be a light in someone's darkness.


Grace & Peace,

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