[CF Devotionals] 2008-01-16 - Feeding on Christ

Isaiah 55:1, "Ho! Every one who thirsts, come to the waters - and you who have no money come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost."

There are many references in Scripture, both common and spiritual, to eating. Even the Christian, busy as we can and do get, needs to eat. God's children have times of feeding, both literally and spiritually. Many see times of worship, Bible reading, Bible study, and prayer as times of spiritual feeding. I would, with my whole heart, agree that those can and should be precious times of feeding for us. I do wish to suggest one other way of spiritual feeding that I think is also significant to the follower of Christ. What I have in mind are those times when we serve Christ. I am not necessarily referring to those times when we go somewhere and build a house for someone in need, but certainly that would qualify. I have in mind, rather, those regular, mundane, aspects of Christian service many of us engage in that really are serving the Lord. These can and should also be times of spiritual feeding for us. Let us not forget that mowing the church lawn, greeting a visitor, cooking a meal for someone in need, or any number of things we do in a given week in the name of Christ, can also be for us, a spiritual feeding on Christ - if He is the center and core of what we are doing.

One other way of feeding on Christ can be in meditating on those things we have read or heard. I read a lot of words, but confess that I am not sure that I ponder and consider what it is that I have read, as much as I should. I have wondered, of late, if I should read a little less and meditate a little more. We should do this in our Scripture readings. Let me not here be guilty of encouraging us to read less Scripture, but if we are reading 10 chapters of the Bible a day, might it not be wiser to maybe read only four chapters - but to take a few minutes and consider carefully some part of one of those passages, praying through it, and seeking to apply it directly to our lives? The question is rhetorical. It surely would be good for us to be chewing over in our hearts, minds, and souls those things that we find in God's Word. Meditation gives us real nourishment in our Spirit. Taking a text and looking for its connection and application to ourselves in Christ will certainly help us walk away from our private closet time spiritually fed.

Being spiritually fed is not child's play. It is the first fruits of our diet. It is that precious celestial wine that only the child of God savors. We come to the Lord for our spiritual sustenance, like the sick and lame would sit by the pool at Bethesda, waiting for the waters to stir (John 5:1-9). We wait and hope for a stirring in our souls. We seek a meal that only the Spirit can provide to the hungriest part of our being - our souls.

My invitation is to come and feed upon the Lord. Do so by meditating on His Word, approaching His throne in supplication and thanksgiving, serving His cause with your energies, and worshipping Him in the Spirit with all your soul. This is real feeding. We are invited to partake, and it is to our great advantage to seek such nourishment.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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