[A Sign from God] 2007-10-09 - Truth and Consequences

Part 1 - Orignally Published 2006-01-16

Based on Job 4

Ever been faced with a serious personal issue, where a decision must be made? Sure you have, we all have. How about when you feel you or your loved ones are to go one way and everyone else around you (including all of your Christian friends) are telling you that you are out of God's will and that you are wrong, the devil is trying to deceive you? Then, you're left feeling confused and wondering which way God really does want you to go.

Well, sometimes (many times, in my case) God has us do things that do just that: go against what our friends, Christian friends included, family and loved ones, those we spiritually respect and admire say we should or ought to do. It makes it tough. The world has one set of standards, but the Christian realm also has it's set of standards too.

Don't allow other's to convince you of God's word to you. "God is not going to put your mail in their mailbox," as a good friend once said to me. It's good advice and so true. Don't ever think that anyone else is more spiritual than you. that you can't receive God's word yourself. Why would God go through someone else to tell you something that directly affects you or your family's life, when He can go directly to you? That doesn't mean He can't and won't use others, but most of the time, I've learned He wants to talk to you, because it's about His and Your relationship and no one else's. It's about your life. Remember he has a plan for you, to give you a hope and a future. It's not He has a plan for you. but instead is going to give it to someone else to give it to you. No, His relationship is with you; therefore you can count on Him and trust Him to come directly to you, to speak to you, to show you the path He wants for you or your family.

Trust Him today and let Him lead you. Don't worry about others, because when it all comes down to it, God is the only one who can see our future and knows everything. God is the only One who can provide a hope, a peace…and a future.

Father, help us today to trust in Your guidance and Leadership. Help us to hear Your voice through all the other voices that wish to overpower Yours. I pray in Jesus' name that all other voices be silenced in the name of Jesus right now, and that what we hear will be Your voice alone. Father, give us a peace that surpasses all understanding, especially if Your will doesn't seem to make sense. Give us the strength and perseverance to continue on in Your will and in Your way. I praise You, Lord, for this situation - for I know Your goodness and glory will come through it. In Jesus' name, I pray. AMEN!

To be continued.

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