[Sign for God] 2007-09-19 - Confidence

Originally Published 2006-05-19

3 John 12 When others speak well of you, you have acceptance; but when the truth speaks well of you, you have character. Character is simply confidence dressed in humility. It keeps its work, its temper, and its friends. (Quote taken from a daily devotional titled "When the Truth Speaks Well of You," author unknown.)

I'm learning that confidence has the ability to become stronger and better everyday. I'm also able to see, experience, and best of all - accept my own lessons in self-confidence, which continues to become stronger and better every day. I believe my confidence - at least some of it - is definitely "dressed in humility." Through the various areas God has taken me, I'm a gaining a confidence in myself. And more than that, I'm gaining a confidence in God's ability to provide for my areas of weaknesses - areas where I am not comfortable enough or feel I need to learn more, work harder, etc.

Most especially, because these areas are not at a greater level than I feel they should be, I know I must get out of the boat and walk on the water. I must, to put it simply, trust God's will and do as He commands - and trust that He will provide through me. I believe this is a healthy humility in Christ, and is available for all. I also believe that God wants this for all of us - to be able to look upon ourselves in honesty, see our strengths and weaknesses, gifts and the areas we need to grow - and then trust in Him to provide the rest. It's about realizing that it's not about us, but about the God of glory that we serve.

You may wonder where such confidence can come from, or how it comes from within. It comes when God has taught you that loving yourself for who you are is a good thing -something which glorifies Him. After all, He took special care to create you. You cannot have a God-glorifying self-confidence without that most important ingredient. For some, it may be hard to come by. But I believe that for those of you that struggle with this very issue, it is imperative that you begin to listen to the voice of your loving Father, and choose to refuse those thoughts that haunt you, only to bring you down. Little by little, it may come, while for others it may be instantaneous. It's ok. However you get there - go!

So, come on, take His hand; trust in Him. Take His hand, and let Him lead you out of the boat of safety onto unknown waters, where you can walk with Him side-by-side.

Father, Help us to know and understand Your love for us. Give us the ability to truly love ourselves. Mostly, Lord Jesus, fill us with our own sense of self-confidence, knowing You will never let us sink or make us swim. You will provide, and through You, we can - faults and all - glorify Your name. It is in Your most precious name that we pray, AMEN.