[CF Devotionals] 2007-09-10 - Daniel

Chapter 9:Introduction ~ Installment 67

Everybody's A Sinner

Sin is out of fashion. Supposedly nobody sins, because nobody is perfect. And since we don't expect perfection then we can't hold anyone, including ourselves, to any kind of standard. Besides, there isn't really such a thing as sin anyway, just alternate lifestyles. Everyone admits to mistakes, but essentially, most people are good, right?

If there isn't sin, then certainly there is no judgment for sin - or Hell, for that matter, therefore no need for the substitutionary work of Christ. God certainly wouldn't judge anyone, because that would be mean. A loving God forgives everyone, right?

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh awhile back, and I heard with half an ear that a clergyman somewhere, stated that in no way could AIDS be God's judgment for homosexuality.

(Keep in mind there is no evidence that AIDs is God's judgment, but rather the natural consequence of sexual sin. Certainly we find disease as a result of all kinds of sexual sins, not just homosexuality, but also adultery, fornication, etc.)

This person believed that God no longer judges individuals, because He just doesn't work that way. Personally, I also suspect that whoever was speaking probably didn't find the practice of homosexuality to be either a sin or destructive.

Scripture makes it clear that all people are sinners, and although we are redeemed and a new creation, though we are no longer sinners by nature, we certainly continue to commit sins. The question is; Do we need to take responsibility for the sins of others? One would hope not, for we would then be in deep trouble; after all, "Everybody's a Sinner!"

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