[CF Devotionals] 2007-09-02 - Daniel

Chapter 8 ~ Installment 66

We find a number of double fulfillments in Scripture. There are the two comings of Messiah, the first as the suffering servant, the second as the ruling king. We see the coming of Elijah as the herald of the king, first in type, as John the Baptizer, and the second which is yet to occur. And so here, too, we have the type of Antichrist, and in the future Antichrist - himself.

And some 2,300 days and evenings later, or approximately three years, assuming that the number 2,300 encompasses both the day and the evening, Judas Maccabaeus on December 14, 164 B.C., reconstructed the temple. 5 This reconstruction seems to have taken place about three years after Antiochus began the repression of Jewish worship. Keep in mind that these periods are not clear, but this seems to be the best understanding we can find. And just as Daniel foretold, Antiochus died of "natural" or possibly divine causes. And so as Antiochus falls to no human hand so Antichrist will fall to the hand of God. 6

Daniel's final comment was to let the reader know that he was physically ill as a result of the vision. He was overwhelmed by the knowledge of the suffering that was yet to come for the Jewish people, and had an extremely difficult time dealing with the painful future. Why did his people need to go through such tribulation? And in the days to come, he will see that there was even more suffering that this vision foretold, and therefore he went to the Lord in prayer. And it is that concern we will examine next week.

Remember, this world we live in isn't the one God created. It is the remains, after fallen man has messed around with it for an extended period of time. Things are going to get worse. Nothing is as we desire it to be. And there are times when, just like Daniel, we're sickened by what we find. But just as is the case with those who see glasses half-full versus half-empty, we can also see this day as one of great opportunity for believers. This doesn't occur by simply wearing rose-colored glasses and ignoring reality. It also doesn't mean that as some do, we must try to find in Scripture some way we are exempt from the real world.

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