[CF Devotionals] 2007-03-28 - The Problem with Being a Buddhist

Proverbs 6:6, Go to the Ant.

Of course, we would say that the main problem with being a Buddhist is that a Buddhist is without the redemption freely offered in Christ and lives outside of a relationship with Him, but there are other problems. One has arisen in Georgetown, Malaysia where the fire ants are disrupting those who come to the temple to meditate. The monks can't kill the ants, because they are living creatures. The head monk of the temple, Venerable Boon Keng, says the fire ants drop from the sacred bodhi tree and bite the worshippers while they are meditating. The ants are not a problem for the monks, because they practice "letting go" meditation, which allows them to "let go" of the pain. However, those who are just worshippers are not so spiritual - and less advanced in their meditations. The ants are a problem for them. Keng says the monks are not encouraging anyone to kill the ants, and have tired to vacuum them (without success), but that if anyone did harm the ants without the monks' knowledge, the BBC reports, the monks would consider it the "will of the universe."

Speaking of ants... There is a huge difference between an ant and the life of a human. For that matter, there is a huge difference between any of God's creation, which we should seek to preserve and care for, and that of a man, woman, or child who is created in His image. I know that most reading this agree with me, and so I don't intend to labor that point. However, one area in which this difference is seen clearly is in prayer. The Lord does provide for the birds of the air, fish of the sea, and the fire ants of Malaysia, and yet they don't even pray to Him. How much more does He then care for us, and hear our prayers, who are His image bearers? When we look around us and see how the Lord cares for the creatures, which are here today and gone Thursday, how much more must he care for us, who He has made in His image and given an immortal soul? How precious must our needs, our prayers, our cares be unto Him? Surely this is a great comfort.

There may be things that you have been praying about for a long time. Maybe you have sought the Lord on something for years, and labor earnestly with Him in prayer daily, concerning something that is dear to your heart. I want to encourage you today to continue to strive even more with the Lord in prayer. You are precious to Him. If you are starting to think that God does not hear you, that is exactly what Satan would have you believe. Satan would have you believe that you will cry to the Lord until you die, and the Lord will never hear you. The Lord does hear you. His promise is that when we cry to Him, He hears us (Psalm 4:3). Continue to seek the Lord; continue to strive with Him in prayer. Make your prayers as a cannon on the gates of heaven and blast away, always believing that He hears you, His answers are never wrong, and trusting that He will give you the desires of your heart, according to His perfect will.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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