[CF Devotionals] 2007-03-25 - Daniel 5

Installment 44

Verses 13-16: With the short introduction, Daniel is called back to serve the throne. He may have been in his eighties and retired at this point. Anyway, the king validates Daniel's credentials and asks him to interpret the writings. If he succeeds, the king will promote Daniel to the third highest position in the kingdom. Why the third? ... "Why not second to Belshazzar? Well, Belshazzar himself was number two-his father was really the king." 7

Verses 17-24: It's time to learn from history, and Daniel is going to present the lesson. First, he wants Belshazzar to know there isn't anything he wants from the king.

Once again, we see the same message we have been hearing all along. God is sovereign. He put Nebuchadnezzar in power. And when he got too big, although he had all the answers and all the power, God took him out. God will be recognized, and He won't be trifled with. I'm not sure how Belshazzar appreciated being told his grandfather had a breakdown, at the hands of God, ended up acting like an animal, and was cast off the throne. And while he may not have thought about it, this wasn't exactly news to Belshazzar. But he certainly wasn't impressed by the information, because he was going down the same road. As a result, he had offended God - and now God has something to tell him.

7 McGee, 559.

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