[CF Devotionals] 2007-03-16 - As Seen on TV

Many of us have seen that written on a product at the supermarket or in a magazine. And one thing you can find in abundance on TV these days is "makeovers."

If you turn on the television set or open the newspaper, nearly every day, you will find them: Weight makeovers, house makeovers, facial makeovers. Plastic surgeons are doing a booming business, and not just in Hollywood. Women, and even men, are doling out a lot of money for "tummy tucks," eyelifts, and "nose jobs." Some fashion models even have all their back teeth pulled, to make them appear thinner.

But to the Christian faith, makeovers are not a product of the 21st century. They have been available for over 2000 years. While some Christians cannot remember a time when they didn't have faith in Christ, some have dramatic "makeovers" (think of the Apostle Paul, murderer turned preacher). And any of us can have one at any time - simply by repenting.

We do have to do our part. I'm not talking about the type of "being sorry" that some child molestors / murderers / armed robbers etc. express when they are about to be sentenced, in hopes of swaying the judge toward a lighter sentence. I'm talking about a true heart change.

Contrary to popular belief, "repenting" does not simply mean being sorry. Rather, it actually translates to "turn around." We must be willing to change the behavior for which we are sorry. We must be willing to stop losing our temper, stop cheating in school, stop making fun of people who look different or seem to be less intelligent, stop thinking only of ourselves and any other sin against our fellow human beings - all of whom are created in God's image.

The wonderful news for us: God's makeovers aren't limited to a certain time slot on the television schedule. He will give us one any time we ask. It doesn't mean that we don't have to pay for our mistakes; it doesn't mean we aren't responsible for what we did, or that we can expect people to act as if nothing happened. As the Apostle Paul and others have taught us, we do need to take responsibility for our actions. Sometimes trust must be re-earned, people must be repaid etc.

It does mean that we can have a heart and life makeover life any time, no matter what we have done. God's makeovers aren't "as seen on TV." They are "far better than seen on TV."


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