[CF Devotionals]2006-12-17 - Daniel

Installment 33

It is some years after the events of chapter 3, and twice Nebuchadnezzar had been brought to the point where he had to acknowledge the power and authority of God. Nevertheless his arrogance always returned. This content of the chapter deals with the actions God took to finally make the king see that he was simply another creature of the Creator. God put Nebuchadnezzar through a counseling course directed to helping him develop an accurate self-image, a session which was harsher than any I hope we ever have to go through.

The theme of the chapter, once again, is God is in control of all: government authority and mankind. There is also a corollary to this truth, and that is that He doesn't intend to let any government or individual usurp His position. God is creator, and He will not allow the creature to assume His role. Keeping this in mind, we will take from the passage first, the comfort that God is in control, and second, as His children we can walk in His love, receiving His peace.

But finally, we will also see that for us to walk in His ways, we must have an accurate self-image, truly understanding how finite we are before an infinite God.

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