[CF Devotionals] 2006-11-19 - Daniel

Installment 29

Verses 16-18: And here comes the crux of the matter. The three men were not willing to disobey God's injunctions in order to obey the king's. They believed God would rescue them from the furnace. But what is important to note here is that even if He didn't, they would still obey Him and disobey the king.

Concerning this confrontation between Nebuchadnezzar and the three Hebrews, Ford (p. 107) says:

"The courteous but determined refusal of the Hebrews should be carefully observed. They had obeyed "the powers that be" as far as conscience permitted. They journeyed to the Plain of Dura. And right at the point where conscience shouted, "No further!" they rejected the temptation to be arrogant in their nonconformity. As Daniel before them had been courteous in his request to follow his convictions, so these three verbally acknowledge Nebuchadnezzar as king, while committing their ultimate allegiance to the King of kings alone." 5

5 Archer, Jr., Gleason L., The Expositor's Bible Commentary, "Daniel," Zondervan Interactive Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 1990

To be continued.


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