[CF Devotionals] 2006-11-12 - Daniel

Installment 28

  1. A Dangerous Choice

    1. Charges Brought

      Verses 8-12: Well, apparently everyone wasn't worshiping because a local group of astrologers turned up at the king's door. They disclosed that Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah weren't obeying the law. They were refusing to worship the idol.

      These tattletales wanted to make sure they were in good with Nebuchadnezzar and had all their bases covered with their charge, … By the way, no mention is made of Daniel here, so any comments would be purely speculative and therefore none will be made. … so, they repeated the proclamation word for word. I suspect this was the fallout from the promotion of Daniel and his friends to such high-level positions. It is also typical of the Anti-Semitism we find throughout history.

      Verses 13-15: Needless to say, the king was outraged. This shouldn't come as a surprise based on what we have already observed with his demands to the “wise men” when he called them to interpret his dreams. How dare these three flaunt his edict! And how quickly he forgot these men and the God they served. He did give them one chance: they could either worship or burn.

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