[Papercut Press] 2006-06-19 - Excuses: 1

Hosea 10:12, "For it is time to seek the Lord."

I am going to do a short series that is largely aimed at those who make excuses for not coming to faith in Christ. I am going to do a short series that is largely aimed at those who make excuses for not living up to the faith they profess. So who are we missing so far? I think I have everyone covered. In conclusion, I am going to do a short series aimed at you and me both.

Let's not avoid the topic. Excuse number one that we all have is that we are too busy. Being number one does not make it the number one excuse, just the first on my list. However, we can all relate to it. As you read that excuse number one was that we are all too busy, I would bet that almost everyone thought, "Yea, got me there." We either just don't have the time to consider the things of Christ, and our souls pine away waiting for judgment, all the while knowing how desperately we need Christ. Or we may have trusted in His atonement, but just can't seem to squeeze Him into the dynamic activities that we engage in that keep us from Christ. Such excuses are factious, a sham, and lack any genuine credibility.

To the follower of Christ, I ask, are you really too busy to spend time with Christ, who gave up everything that you might be saved from the wrath of God and dwell with Him in eternity? Too busy to consider the state of your soul? I think anyone honestly answering the question would say this is a lame excuse. None of us are too busy to turn off the TV or give up 1/2 hour of sleep, to spend some time alone with God. Can you spare 20 minutes a day, or do you put all your 20-minute blocks of time to good use? I did an experiment last month (May 2006) I wanted to see if I could get through all four gospels in one month, by reading four chapters a day, and how long it would take each day to do this. For the first part, I could have just added up the chapters and done the math, but for the second, it has to be implemented. I found that in one month, 20 minutes a day, and not even speed reading to get through it, you can read all four gospels.

I have heard of no one who has starved simply because they did not have time to eat. If we starve our souls, or rob our spiritual man of its lifeblood, it is done by choice, not because we were too busy. I find that when I go to work, everyone is dressed. They found time to do that, but what of the soul? Is your soul going about naked, with the excuse that "I'm just too busy?" If we have time to put our pants and makeup on, we also have time to make up the soul. Let us not become as the Pharisees, who only cleaned the outside of the cup. In saying "I don't have the time to pursue my walk with Christ," you don't even fool yourself.

To the unbeliever, my plea to you is simple. To say that you are too busy to place your trust in Christ is not true. Trusting in the atonement of Christ for sin, and resting in His offer of mercy, is done in an instant. It can be done right now, as you are reading this. In fact, if you are reading this and have not rested in Christ, then don't even finish reading this. Put it down, and consider Christ. His free offer of mercy to all who will come to faith in Him - His promise to forgive all your sins, save you from the wrath of God for your sins, and raise you in glory to live forever with God in Heaven. Now you have time; just don't read the last paragraph. Coming to Christ is matter of trust in both His sacrifice and offer of mercy for our sins. It can be accomplished in an instant, this instant.

We are not to busy to cultivate a relationship with the Lord of the universe. We make ourselves too busy. And for some of us, this might really be an issue of confession and repentance, for how we have misused the time we have been graciously given. As Christ said to Martha when Mary sat at His feet to listen to Him, "There is only one thing needful." (Luke 10:42)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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