[A Sign from God] 2006-06-12 - What's All the Confussion About?

Part 2

Please note: The views in this devotional do not necessarily reflect those of all cfdevotionals' staff members. However we believe this is a very good devotional that makes some very poignant points, and we are proud to present it.

I can hear gasps as this is read, but truly…brothers and sisters in Christ, these are the end times. Soon, Jesus will appear. Why is there a reason to be so upset about this? The very word of God tells us not to worry about our future - for the future will take care of itself. I do believe this is the time we will see more and more evil, more and more natural disasters, more and more ungodliness. So look toward God now more than ever, and know that He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings. He is still in control. He knew all of this would happen. He planned for it, and guess what? He wins!

Father, during this time of social chaos and ungodliness, let us continue to look to you in hope and glory, knowing that this time is Your time. Satan cannot and will not win. Satan will lose the war. Keep our eyes and hearts averted to You. Let our prayers be without end, for those who need Your strength and salvation. And Lord, help us to remember Your promise to us, that we and our household WILL BE SAVED. Thank You, Jesus for your ever-abiding love and protection, for your faithfulness and guidance, strength and endurance. Let us use this time to proclaim You, and to show others through our lives and beliefs, that You are the Lord of Lords.

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