[CF Devotionals] 2006-04-03 - Give Trees a Try

Humans do not have the monopoly on giving thanks and rejoicing before God. We have an opportunity to learn how to praise the Lord from an unlikely source. Isaiah 55:12 states "And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." (NKJ) Whenever I noticed a tree's leaves moving and blowing, I assumed it was due to the wind. Since meditating on Isaiah's words I see trees in a new and more profound light. I now visualize the tree clapping its hands (its leaves) as a testament to God. The tree is appreciative to its Maker. Its moving gesture is one of thankfulness for without God the tree would not survive. Just like us humans. The only difference is we try to meet our own needs. We tend to take control of situations even though we know God is better equipped to handle them. Not the tree. Its roots are so strong and grounded it never moves, just praises.

Lord, let me experience your majesty in the simple things. I no longer want to take nature and its beauty for granted.


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