[CF Devotionals] 2005-11-09 - What If?

He is able to save completely all who come to God through him. Since he will live forever, he will always be there to remind God that he has paid for their sins with his blood. Hebrews 7:25 (LBT)

What if Jesus never existed? What if Jesus was never sent to earth in a human form to take away humans' sins? Life, as we know it would be different. In a world without Jesus Christ, April and December would just be months on a calendar, no need for colored eggs, chocolate flavored bunnies, Santa, or candy canes. In a life without Jesus, people would walk around with the burdens of mistakes on their backs and no sense of freedom from the past, not a great hope for the future.

When God unselfishly sent His son, Jesus to earth He did so with you in mind. Although Jesus could not stay on this planet forever, He didn't leave you alone. He sent the Holy Spirit to spend a lifetime with you.

Lord, Thank You that I never have to imagine a life without you, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I will never know the extent of the pain Jesus felt on the cross for all the things I would, forgot, and did do. May I never lose track of all You have done for me, especially those things done behind the scenes. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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