[CF Devotionals] 2005-05-29 - A Prayer of the Psalmist

Psalm 5, Part 5

  1. A prayer for guidance, and condemnation of the wicked: In contrast to the wicked, the righteous can enter into God's presence with confidence and hope. Even here, the basis for approaching God is His mercy, not the worthiness of the one praying. The author comes for God's leading, specifically as it pertains to walking in the midst of all of his enemies. Remember, as we walk in God's ways, His enemies are our enemies. Jesus said,
    "All men will hate you because of me…" (Matthew 10:22).

    In contrast, again pointing to the wicked, the psalmist notes their totally deceitful nature, and he prays God will first bring all their plans to naught. As Jesus spoke of the "whitewashed tomb," so the psalmist compares the wicked with the stench that comes out of the grave. Their words - filled with lies, destruction and treachery - betray their wickedness.

    Second, the psalmist prays God would bring destruction upon them. He notes, as his support for this request, that underlying all their sin is the fact they are in rebellion against the Lord. It is the rebellious nature of mankind that demonstrates how we can see individuals who are "upright" by society's standards, but still meet the definition of wicked from God's perspective. There are many individuals carrying out "good" works, claiming to follow the Lord, but their motivation is self-righteousness, which is nothing more than rebellion against God's righteousness, against God Himself.

    The psalmist closes with the confidence of the righteous man before a loving God. It is God who is the source of his security and protection. It should be noted that his righteousness comes from his choice to follow God, and is therefore imputed by God to him, for none of us have any righteousness in and of ourselves. Because we have chosen to follow after the Lord, then with the psalmist, we too can have confidence in the care and protection that the Lord provides to His own.

    To be continued.

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