[Papercut Press] 2005-05-17 - What Makes You Happy?

Summer 2005 Questions, Question 1

Romans 14:22, "Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves."

This will start out strange, so please stick with me. I have been emailing with someone, and I usually don't give up these things, but I have three cats. It is no big deal, and I am heading somewhere with this, but all three of my cats have a habit. I grew up around cats, and I have never seen this before. Since I can remember my family had cats. My folks now have two...I got 'em beat, but my kitties have something in common I have never seen in any of the cats I have ever been around. It is something we can learn from, I think, and thus I will tell you. I always know when anyone of them is happy. They are all related, rescue cats, but they all have the same tendency. If they are happy, even just happy about me feeding them or petting them, and Sas, one of them, is reading this as I write, they do one thing. When they are happy the tail goes straight up in the air. It is amazing that I can always tell when they are happy. Now onto my question for you today, what makes you happy?

This is an honest question. What makes us happy defines who we are. What makes you happy? We need to ask this question. I am thinking in other-worldly terms here, and what I want to say is that what the Apostle Paul seems to give us as an example in God's Holy Word is that serving Christ was all that made him happy. Christ was all Paul focused on, but left us a great example, because he worked a job. He was a tentmaker, and yet he ended up writing much of the New Testament. He worked, as many of us do, or have done, but his focus was on Christ. Christ was his joy. I don't think that anyone can tell me that it was not being a follower of Christ that made Paul happy. He is an example to us all almost 2000 years later. Even working, all he sought was Christ. This is played out clearly in the New Testament. So what makes you happy?

So we have the example played out in the New Testament, but does your tail, as it were, go up when you are serving Christ? Is it obvious in your life that you are a servant of Christ? My example might be dumb, and it probably is, but it works. How do you feel about serving, and being a servant of Jesus Christ? Being a servant is never seen in culture as an honorable postion. It means we need humility, because we are servants, but as servants of Christ, we have the one Master needed for this life. Yea, we might be mocked, might lose position, might not gain what we hoped in this life, but as Christians, really, who cares about this life, except serving a savior who gave all for us. We are living, and are to live, and seek to help others live, for eternal life. So what makes you happy?

Being a servant is not a job any of us are striving for, but if you rest in Christ, you already have that occupation. Coming to faith in Christ we give up everything and rest alone in His grace and mercy. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying money or wealth is wrong, but as servants of Christ we give up all that ties us to this world. We become servants of Christ. What makes our tail go up is faithfulness, and seeking that which will glorify Christ. It is not about us. It is about Christ. This is really hard to do, and we can only grow in our faithfulness, but faithfulness is what should make our tail go up. Faithfulness to our Lord and serving and resting in Christ is what really should make us happy. Don't get me wrong please ... I am not saying we can't live in the world and be "normal," but our real joy, and what should really make us happy is knowing and living as servants of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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