[Papercut Press] 2005-05-02 - Mrs. Honeywood

Habakkuk 3:6, "...His ways are everlasting."

I have read this story several times, but never had a name to put on it. So I was overjoyed this week, when I read it again, and the author put a name to the story. It is about time! It is a classic story, and many of you may have heard it before, but if you have not, stick around, because it is a decent one. She was a woman who was depressed, and had been for many years. However, there was an experience that changed everything and set her free. It is very simple, but somewhat profound also.

She picked up a slender Venice glass and said, "I am as surely damned as that glass is dashed to pieces." She then took the glass and tossed it to the floor (I have read other accounts, where it was said that she tossed it into the fireplace), and in front of many people, the glass was not even chipped or cracked. This situation opened her eyes, and she then began to rest in the grace of Jesus Christ. The lesson is that sometimes we think we are defeated, and we despair, but there is always a ray of light - and that light is found in Christ. We can't forget this without going into despair. When the chips are down, we have to make Christ all our hope and trust.

Everyone struggles, some more than others, but in that struggle, we have to know that it is better to be in the struggle than to give up. The woman above had given up, and the simple experience with the glass changed her life. We may never be given such a chance as this woman was given (and this story is old, for Mrs. Honeywood has been dead for well over 200 years). But we might never get such a chance to see God's grace in such a way. We need simple trust, even in the dark moments of the soul. Those are the times that we need to most rest in the grace and mercy of Christ. When we struggle, it is then that we have to lean on Christ even more. Mrs. Honeywood may not have been resting in Christ, but her experience taught her to do so. She is an example to us all.

We can't say "Peace, Peace," when there is no peace. There are times when we struggle, and I am not trying to deny that, but I want to encourage you to rest in Christ. There are many times in life when we struggle. From a few years of personal experience, one of these times is often in relationships, but it can also happen at work, or just in our position in life in general. When we struggle, when we are depressed, when the chips are down, we can only rest in Christ. If you are struggling, or even if you are not, I want to encourage you to turn to the Lord in prayer. Tell Him your hopes, ambitions, desires, dreams, fears and everything, and He will become the cheapest therapy you will ever find. Prayer is amazing, and it is unmatched. If you are struggling, or even if you are not, I encourage you to go to the Lord in prayer. (I know I said that twice.) But here is my real suggestion. Take some time, get alone, find a quiet place, get down on your knees, and pray out loud - yea, I said it, out loud. Plead with the Lord as if He was standing before you, because He is, and seek His mercy. The Lord is gracious and merciful; seek that mercy today.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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