[Papercut Press] 2004-10-18 - The Sin of Ingratitude

Psalm 106:13, "They quickly forgot His works; they did not wait for His counsel."

Sometimes to make a point more powerful, we say things succinctly. So I am going to keep this devotional short, and I know you will want to thank me for that. However, as great a topic it would be for us to focus on how unthankful we are to one another, and we all fail in that department, it is also true that we are even more prone to forget the good works of God toward us. God has been so gracious to us, and yet we all too often forget to thank Him for His kindness and mercy toward us. This point was driven home to me yesterday, as I looked down at the salad I had made and thought, "This really isn't that appealing," but then I considered how undeserving I was to have it so good, and that many, even most of the people in the world, would trade places with me in a heartbeat. There are many who would love to have any food, and it is only because of God's grace and mercy that I have things so good.

Cicero got one thing right. He said, "Ingratitude has nothing evil lacking in it." The sin of ingratitude is pure evil. When we think about how unthankful we are for all God has done for us, we should blush. We are all guilty of undervaluing the things God has done for us. It is our shame when we fail to realize that we don't deserve any of the mercies that God grants us. This truth should drive us to our knees. And that is where I would like to leave it today. Let's try to reflect on how good God has been to us -- even those little piddly things we always overlook, and let us thank God for His blessings usward. "Surely the righteous will give thanks to Thy name," Psalm 140:13.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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