[PC-USA] 2004-10-07 - The Tenth Commandment

The Ten Commandments, Part 10

Most of us don't use the word "covet" very often, but the practice of coveting is prevalent in American society. In fact, the business of advertising is pretty much based on coveting - whether it's a glamorous look, the latest electronic toy (even if we don't need a replacement), the newest model of car, a new face, or something else. Many popular television shows pander to coveted desires. There is even a "Wife-Swapping" show.

We covet intangibles, as well - a talent we don't have, popularity etc. There's nothing wrong with having desires, or working to acquire something. It's a matter of priority and value. And some things are simply off-limits, though we don't like to think of anything as off-limit to us. We even have a saying: "The sky's the limit." But sometimes we need limits.

I once heard an apt analogy on an old 1960s television show, "The Dick Van Dyke Show." A playboy was boasting about his exploits with women, and insisting that marriage is a prison. The male protagonist, Rob Petrie, responded that to some people, the boundaries of marriage were like the restrictive fence around a prison. But to him, the boundaries were like the fence that encompasses Disneyland.

I have heard it said that coveting is a form of idolatry, for what we are saying is that we are not content with what God has given us. So while most of us don't spend a lot of time thinking about coveting, it's quite serious. I hope you will stop and pray that God will reveal to you any coveting in your heart.

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