[e-Devotionals] 2004-09-08 - Fear of Success

Encore 2002-08-14

Luke 12:48 (KJV) From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

I enjoy taking my ten-year old son to a nearby skate park. He is learning the different skills required to maneuver himself and his skateboard around the park. As we were driving home, he said, "Dad, I conquered my fear today!" I chuckled and replied, "You sure did son, and you handled the drop-in move perfectly! Which move are you going to conquer next?" "I guess the middle ramp," he replied quietly.

I had unintentionally deflated my son's moment of success by asking what was next. Don't we do that to ourselves? I know I do. We have this fear of success. The fear is "well, if I succeed at this, then I will probably fail at the next step - or I can't handle the pressure of having more expected of me."

Just what is success, anyway? My definition is "being all that God intended me to become." Period. Success is not what my peers expect of me. It is not what my family, parents, in-laws, the next-door neighbors or some group of people that I don't know (and they really don't care) expect of me. Success is not defined by what others believe is best for you. Only the One that created you can define your success.

What is keeping you from becoming all that God intends for you to become? Is it a fear of succeeding, and that God will then want more of you? Perhaps it is the equally paralyzing fear of failure. Do you really think God would set you up to fail? Do you think He would ask more of you than you can give?

Are you holding onto something that is holding you back? Many of us are running around with our hands so tightly gripped to our lives, that God has no room to give. For Him to give, we need to let go. We need to move toward God and stop fighting against Him. What are you clinging to?

Some people fear accepting Christ, because they fear what life change will do to their lifestyle. The thinking is "if I accept Christ, then I have to give up a lot." Believe me, God has a lot more to offer than you have to give up.

As the school year starts, perhaps this is the year you perform to your fullest potential. God may be waiting for you to achieve your best, to move you to the next place He has for you. Imagine what God has in store for you when you when you give your all. Maybe it is at work. Perhaps you do "just enough to get by." What if starting today, you always try to be more aware of your job, better, more creative and more productive? Maybe you are in the wrong job; it may be a mismatch with the gifts God gave you. Is it time to evaluate, perhaps step out and go in another direction?

Perhaps you are clinging to your children's success in school, sports and the like. Are you trying to live through your children? Are your self-esteem or your feeling of success based on your child's performance?

It is so true that from whom much is given, much is expected. Our God is a God that expects much, so that He can give even more. The bar is set high, but He is there to help us. Remember, God never sets us up for failure. He wants us to be a huge success for Him. Think about that.

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