[Calvary Chapel] 2003-07-03 - Repeat Yourself

Matt 11:29 "Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls. (NAS)

I have been at my profession for some time now. And in that profession there are always new and more things to learn. While no one knows it all, I am fairly good at what I do and I enjoy the work that is involved. There are many who know more than I do. I respect that knowledge and will gladly learn something from them when they have a moment of time or something interesting happening to share some wisdom.

When I was coming up I had a mentor of sorts. It was not official but he semi-adopted me and showed me how to improve my work. I learned a great deal from him. As I grew into the job it was amazing how much of my mentor was copied into me professionally. We have similarities and differences still. But in many ways Jay has literally repeated himself in my skills and knowledge in its strengths and weaknesses. At this point I have become the source that copies himself to others. I repeat myself into others, repeating my mentor to a degree in the process.

At some point in their Christian walk some also become teachers, and not always in an official capacity. This often occurs after a great deal of listening, reading and falling flat on your face. The latter can be very painful, but it is often where the greatest learning takes place. A teacher must be humble, and yet must defend the foundational truths of the Bible. If there is room for productive discussion, allow it. If it is a pointless rat hole, leave it alone. But a teacher can only teach what he or she knows. I can not explain engineering concepts. I have never been taught. I can explain complex computer systems in depth. I have been taught. My instructors have repeated their knowledge into me. They have repeated themselves.

Everyone is a teacher to someone. Parents are teachers to children. Bosses can be teachers to their employees. Believers are teachers to unbelievers whether they think they are or not. We are watched by the world around us. You are the best example of Christianity to someone. For better or for worse we instruct the world around us. There are times when the best intentions are misunderstood. There is often little to do about that but hope they see the true intent of the action. There are other times when we are not at our best for whatever reason. You could appear to be the equivalent Paul to a new believer as amazing as that may be to you. Much more is caught from your actions that is taught by your words. These are good times to ask what you what to repeat into the other person, by your actions and your words.

Repeat Yourself.

Grace & Peace,

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