[PC-USA] 2003-05-30 - Distance

I was driving by a rusty fence. When I was farther away, the fence was clearly brown. But when I drove exactly beside it, I was too close to see it as it really was.

Isn't life like that sometimes? When we are in the middle of a situation -strained relationship with a loved one, stressful work situation, acute medical condition or something else - all we can sometimes see is the immediate surroundings, and our vision is limited. We feel overwhelmed, hopeless, positive we know the "only" way things can be (when really there are several options) etc. So how can we improve our vision?

We can pray for God to help us view things more accurately, and try to step back and look at the whole picture.

We can ask ourselves what we would advise a friend or relative to do, if they were in our situation. I have found that this helps me "remove" myself enough to be more objective.

We can wait before making major decisions. Sometimes time provides the "distance" needed, and we regain our perspective.

We can ask a trusted friend who can envision the entire picture.

If you are mired in a difficult situation, ask God to improve your perception of the situation, to help you see the entire picture.


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