[Calvary Chapel] 2003-05-17 - Biblical Possibilities in the Iraqi Conflict

Many Biblical Students viewed the Iraqi conflict with keen interest. Since Israel was prepared to defend herself if attacked, I always keep a close eye on situations that involve that nation. Iraq wisely chose to leave Israel alone and I am grateful that no missiles were hurled into Israel, at innocent Jewish life, as was the case in the 1990 Gulf War.

As the war dies down and reformative political and social building takes place, it is altogether possible that a deluge of rashly thought out information regarding prophecy will emerge. It is true that Ancient Babylon is in Iraq, and it is partially rebuilt - and yes, it will hold a significant role in the last days of world history. But will the new government that emerges in the region be the one the Bible speaks of? I would say it is too early to tell. Here and there in the Bible, particularly in Revelation Chapter 18, one can see much about that wicked city of Babylon which holds so much End Times significance. I would encourage any student of prophecy to observe closely events as they unfold in the region.

If I were to say one thing about the current war and its outcome that caught my eye, it would be the site chosen for the first meeting of the minds to form a new Government in Iraq. It was held in the Ancient City of Ur. Briefly I can say that Ur was the birthplace of Abraham, and it was also known as the city of the Chaldeans. (See Genesis 11:29 KJV). Now why did that catch my eye? In the book of Habakkuk, it clearly says that God will raise up the Chaldeans again in the last days, and it also says they will be a ruthless people. ( See Habakkuk 1:6, KJV)

Now in my mind, I wonder if the meeting that was held in Ur of the Chaldeans a little over a month ago, was the beginning of something ugly. But like I said earlier, it is too soon to tell. One thing that is certain is this: Eventually God's Word will come to pass exactly as foretold. So keep your eyes open; these are exciting days. Zephaniah 1:14 Niv " The great day of the Lord is near --near and coming quickly."

In His Service,
Psalm 122:6
Rick & Sandy

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