[Calvary Chapel] 2003-05-10 - Sin

Today I was taking our son to what I hope is the last of his court hearings. On the way to the courthouse I was greeted, in the square, with 3x5 foot graphic pictures of an aborted baby. There were maybe five pictures, one having only the head of an infant. Already being nervous, this made me sick as well. I have viewed similar pictures at festivals and so forth, but not so shockingly large. On one hand, I thought that maybe the shock value would change someones mind. Maybe a woman considering an abortion would stop and re-think her decision. But what about somone who already had one? I personally have not, but I have family members who have. I wonder what seeing that baby would do to a woman who had an abortion.

I wonder if the woman who had an abortion would see the love of Christ in that picture?

I wonder if there is a picture that could express how ugly a lie is. I wonder if we could visually express how an unkind word can destroy a life.I wonder if we could visualize an abuser. I wonder if there are enough 5 by 3 foot posters to hold all the sins I have ever committed and display them for everyone to see.

I wonder if we would do better as Christians, to spend our time telling people about Jesus and letting Him do the "heart work"; that kind of "work" that convicts people of their sin with redemption in mind. Jesus carried our sins on the cross because He loves us, and once forgiven, our sin is also forgotten.

I don't have the answers, and I am not suggesting that we live with our heads in the sand. But I am suggesting that we live, so in love with Jesus that his love is displayed by our lives and in doing so we will attract others to Him.

In His Service,
Psalm 122:6
Rick & Sandy

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