[Calvary Chapel] 2003-01-25 - Stewardship: The Art of Giving

Originally Published 1999-12-04

There are many ideas about giving. We thought we would add a little to the list. We hope our devotional proves itself to be beneficial to you. Tossing around the idea of giving, we came up with ten possible ways to give. Let me say that these are not necessarily ten right ways to give. This is not an exhaustive list, but we think it is an eye opener. Below are ten "ways" to give along with the definitions, which we gave for each one. Remember - should we find ourselves "sorrowful," having adopted a "wrong" way of giving, we can always stop and turn around 180 degrees; that is something the Bible calls repentance.

GIVING THE IGNORANT WAY - Giving something to some organization, with absolutely no inquiry to its claims or merits, or the effects it will have on other organizations.

GIVING THE IMPULSIVE WAY - Giving as much or as little as feelings may prompt at any given moment.

GIVING THE LAZY WAY - Hoping the carnival or the fair (yikes!) will appeal to the carnal nature in others, enough to raise enough money for the Lord's work - but never actually sacrificing any of our own resources to give to those in need.

GIVING THE CALCULATED WAY - Giving with some expected returns, like prosperity and rewards in this life. God is not like a slot machine, where we put one in and get ten back!

GIVING THE SELFISH WAY - This is when you give with the desire and expectation of the reward of human praise and glory, or personal prominence and reputation as a "BIG" giver.

GIVING THE SYSTEMATIC WAY - Giving a certain amount, a definite proportion of your income. Ten percent, five, or more or less - as your conscience indicates. Adapted to rich times and also poor times, where the percentage of giving stays the same.

GIVING THE INTELLIGENT WAY - Giving only after a personal investigation into the merits and claims of an organization, and not relying on the great sales pitch or appeal.

GIVING THE SELF-DENYING WAY - Saving what would be spent on luxury or carelessness and sacrificing it by giving it to the Lord's work.

GIVING THE EQUAL WAY - Giving to the Lord's needy ones, as much as you spend on yourself. Balancing personal and benevolent expenditures.

GIVING THE HEROIC WAY - Limiting ourselves to a certain sum and giving the rest to the Lord's work. This is what John Wesley did.

I Corinthians 7:10a For Godly sorrow produces repentance.

Psalm 122:6

In His Service,
Rick & Sandy

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