2002-10-01 - Profundities

From time to time I gather up some quotes or insights that I have recently stumbled upon in my reading. Today I would like to do this again. The first and second are from writers whose names have not survived with the quotes. The first is on starting a new day and is equally applicable to us today as we begin a new month. The second is terribly profound.

"The morning is a fit time for devotion, not only from its relation to the past night, but considered as the introduction of a new day. To a thinking mind, how natural, at this hour, are such reflections as the following. 'I am now to enter on a new period of my life, to start afresh in my course. I am to return to that world where I have often gone astray, to receive impressions which may never be effaced, to perform actions which will never be forgotten, to strengthen a character which will fit me for heaven and hell. I am this day to meet temptations which have often subdued me. I am to be intrusted again with opportunities of usefulness which I have often neglected. I am to influence the minds of others, to help in molding their characters, and in deciding the happiness of their present and future life. How uncertain is this day! What unseen dangers are before me! What unexpected changes may await me! It may be my last day! It will certainly bring me nearer to death and judgment.'"

(A dying confession) "'All you can tell me,' said one on a dying bed, 'I have long well known: but I tell you that I have lived without real religion; I was forward in the church, but fixed in the world, and my profession now only serves to terrify me!'"

"Hell is truth seen too late." Thomas Adam

(On the love of Christ) "All I can do is but to stand beside His great love and look and wonder. My debts of thankfulness affright me." Samuel Rutherford

(On keeping the heart) "The heart of man is his worst part before it be regenerated and the best afterwards. It is the seat of principles and the fountain of actions. The eye of God is, and the eye of the Christian ought to be, principally fixed upon it." John Flavel

Soli Deo Gloria,

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