[Papercut Press] 2002-06-24 - Esther Lederer

Isaiah 38:18 Death cannot praise Thee.

Thank you for your response to the summer questions. I am blown away. Even if we went three days a week with them we could not get to them all in a year. So don't be discouraged if your direct question is not answered. I am trying to lump them into categories and think of them in groups of topics. It is all I can do. So many of them focus on relationships that we may have a hobby horse there, but that is often where things are at for each of us. You are free to keep submitting questions. The summer questions series always lasts well into the fall or even winter. Again, thanks.

The above name is not exactly household quality but you all know of her. She is better known as Ann Landers and she died on Saturday, June 22, 2002. Obviously she was an important figure in the advice column world and I intend to join that world today as there may now be an opening. The other death on Saturday was Darryl Kile, who was a major league pitcher and a several time All-star in baseball. He was found in his hotel room on Saturday afternoon and apparently died of natural causes, but they have yet to make that official.

We know not our time. Ann Landers was 83, Kile was 33. We don't know how much time this life will afford us. I suppose if I was a liberal I would simply tell you to kiss your husband or wife, kids and dog and remind them how much you love them. Too bad I am not a liberal theological type, because I will suggest you do that (just pat the dog on the head), and then a whole lot more. I would suggest that you apply this to your lives. There are lots of lost arts in this world, but reflection is the King of lost arts. We have no time for reflection. We live in a "go, go, go world." And that is why reflection is so much more in need today than it ever was.

This life we are all living is heading for an ending. Many today think that we are living in the "last days," and we might be. Let me remind you that the church of the Thessalonians (In 1 Thessalonians) thought they were in the last days also almost 2000 years ago. Just as people today point to evidence that these are the last days, so they did. Truth is, we don't know when Christ will come back, but we do know this...Our lives will not go on indefinitely. It is time for reflection.

To reflect literally means to "Bend it back." The word comes to us from the French "Reflecter," but really originates with the Latin, "Reflectere," which meant to "bend back." So much for the word origin lesson. I gave it for one reason. To bend back is really what I have in mind when I mention reflection. We should be bending our minds, hearts, souls and all our beings backwards to see both where we have been and then discern where we should be going. That is the process of life and let none tell you other than that. Reflection takes time, thought and discipline, but we must not be mistaken. We have two options in this life and neither is escapable. The first is that we will become like Ann Landers or Darryl Kile and the second is that we will be raptured. With only those two options before us reflection is a decent thing to reflect about.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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