[Papercut Press] 2001-12-19 - An Assured Christian

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convictions of things not seen.

The following is something written by Thomas Adams, an old time writer. It is on the Character of a Christian who is assured of hope in Christ. I thought it was so well written that I would share it with you today.

He stands like an impregnable fort, upon whom misery and malice would spend all their shot; much they do to their own shame, but to his glory. Sin, like a flattering neighbor, has often knocked at his door, and would have come in, but found cold welcome; and if it was importunate, was sent away, not without repulse and blows. Perhaps it lurks about his outhouses, and in spite of him will be his tenant, but shall never be his landlord. He has some faults, but God will not see them. He meets at every turn with his railing and accusing adversary, Satan, but he stops his throat with a pardon sealed in the blood of Jesus Christ.

He is never out of war, never without victory. Those roaring fiends set upon him proudly, and he beats them down triumphantly. The shield he always bears with him, was never pierced -- faith. He has been often tripped, once or twice foiled, was never vanquished. His hand has been scratched, his heart is whole. Tyranny bends on him a stern brow, but could never dash him out of countenance. Is he threatened drowning? He sees Jonah diving into that inextricable gulf. Burning? He sees those three servants in their fiery walk and the Son of God among them. Is he threatened with devouring? He sees Daniel in that sealed den of lions. Stoning? He sees that protomartyr of the Gospel sleeping in peace under so many grace-stones. Beheading? He sees the Baptist's neck bleeding in Herodias's platter.

He is sure that the God which gave them such strength is not weaker in him; what could they suffer without God? What can he not suffer with God? If he must endure their pain, he looks for their faith, their patience, their strength, their glory. The terrors of death amaze him not, for first he knows whom he has trusted. Like Enoch, he walks every day with God, and confers familiarly with his Maker. When he goes in humbly to converse with Him in meditation and prayer, he puts off his own clothes, and takes a rich suit out of the wardrobe of his Redeemer, then confidently he enters the presence chamber, and faithfully challenges God to bless him. His hands are clean. His heart is so devoted to Christ, that if misery, death, torments stood in his way on the right hand, he would disdain all obstacles, and break through all difficulties to come to Him who loves his soul.

He fixes his spiritual eye upon the eternal things that are not seen; others see the present, he what will come. He walks upon earth as a stranger, his heart is at home. He has laid up a sure treasure in heaven, a portion that will never be taken away. He rests on the Lord's providence. Without the warrant of God he dares to do nothing. He has plenty of tears, both for his own sins and others sufferings. When he departs this life, his body sleeps in a peaceful grave, and the glorious angels bear his soul with triumphant songs to the glorified saints, where it is married to the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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