2001-12-05 - I Am as Damned as This Glass is Broken

Hebrews 11:38 Of whom the world was not worthy.

A woman many years ago held a Venice glass in her hand and said to those around her, "I am as damned as this glass is broken." She then, "with violence," tossed it to the ground. The glass did not break. It changed her life as she and everyone with her looked at the unbroken glass. She later related this change in her life to Bishop Morton of Durham, and her story can be found in the book "English Worthies" which was last published in 1684, on page 417 She spent the rest of her life visiting those in prison and was present at the burning of John Bradford, who died for his faith in Christ She died in 1620.

Do you believe that Christ can change a life? I surely do. My life is changed and while I wish it was changed more than it is, I am still striving. This morning I was talking to someone on the phone and I commented that I wished I was more like Christ, and that is the truth. Everyone wanted to be with Christ, even those who did not like Him. They still wanted to be around Him. If you read the gospels, you must remember that He used to "escape" away because of the crowds.

I know that many of you are living testimonies that Christ can change a life. This is wonderful. And what is awesome is that we, who have had our lives changed by Christ, are not alone. There is a living example of those who have gone before us who have experienced the same thing. Jesus Christ changes lives -- an awesome thought. Do you live as if the world was not worthy of you? Can you say goodbye to worldliness? This is no easy thing. I can tell you this for sure, because I struggle every day. The world is attractive, but it is not our home.

Roger Fenton was a godly minister in the 17th century at St. Stephen's Walbrook in London. He wrote a book against usury. He had an agreement with another friend in the ministry that the first to die would preach the other's funeral sermon. His friend grew ill and he began to prepare the sad sermon. However, the friend recovered and wound up preaching the very sermon that was prepared for him, at his friend's funeral. How would you like to be remembered in eternity? I know this is hard core, but life is short and so is time. If someone were to preach your final funeral sermon, what would he say? What would you wish him to say? Let us live our lives as those who are thinking about these hard things, and I say this to myself first.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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