[Papercut Press] 2000-08-14 -  Love to fellow Christians

1 Peter 3:8,9 "To sum up, let all be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit; not returning evil for evil, or insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead; for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing."

There are several foundational truths about being a Christian that should lead us to love one another. It is not always an easy thing to do, but it is our duty to live and behave as those who have a renewed mind and approach to life.

We love fellow Christians simply because the are fellow Christians. 1 Peter 1:22, "Since you have in obedience to the truth purified your souls for a sincere love of the brethren, fervently love one another from the heart." We are to remember that all fellow believers are our brethren. They, in the same way we are, are united to Christ. They and we exist in the same family, as children of God.

We are to love other Christians because they love Christ. As Christians we are to love those who delight to love Christ also. Love to Christ, in another Christian, should lead us to love them in return. When we meet someone who is Christ's friend, they ought to immediately be also our friend.

We love other Christians because they, like us, are made in the image of God, and that image is being renewed in us both day by day. We are also, together, on a journey toward heaven. Our goals for the end of our journey are the same. In the end, both will be transformed into the likeness and holiness of Christ.

Sometimes in our interactions with other believers it doesn't seem like any of these things are true. It is therefore helpful to remind ourselves that, even when our interactions with other Christians seem to prove that these things are not so, that yes, indeed, they are true.

We are pilgrims on a journey. And on our journey we are traveling with those who will be our companions in eternity. We ought to treat each other with a mindset that we will be companions forever. Petty issues, backstabbing, unkind words become no Christian, especially when directed towards another believer. It is a high calling, but it is one worth striving for and worthy of our high calling as followers of Christ.

"Be united with other Christians. A wall with loose bricks is not good. The bricks must be cemented together." Corrie ten Boom

"It is best to be with those in time we hope to be with in eternity." Thomas Fuller

Soli Deo Gloria,