[PC-USA] 2000-07-28 - Are you Bringing Them to Him?

Mark 6:53 When they arrived at Gennesaret on the other side of the lake, they anchored the boat 54 and climbed out. The people standing there recognized him at once, 55 and they ran throughout the whole area and began carrying sick people to him on mats. 56 Wherever he went—in villages and cities and out on the farms—they laid the sick in the market plazas and streets. The sick begged him to let them at least touch the fringe of his robe, and all who touched it were healed. (NLT)

We are all surrounded by hurting and lost people. Sometimes we offer to pray for them, but sometimes we simply don't make time, fear that prayer is not "practical" enough, don't want to get involved in something "messy" etc. But Jesus spent His everyday life, getting involved in people's messy lives. When you have a friend or relative who is hurting - emotionally or physically - do you bring the person to Jesus? When you meet someone who is searching for a purpose in life, do you introduce him to Jesus? Do you bring hurting people before our Father, in prayer? Often a listening ear is needed; at other times, we should provide "practical" assistance. But first and always, we should bring them to Jesus.

I encourage you to think of the people in your orbit - family members struggling with debilitating illnesses, friends suffering through relationship pain, a co-worker who snaps at you (perhaps she is going through a difficult time physically or emotionally), a classmate who is struggling with a course, et al. If they do not know Jesus as Savior, introduce them, sharing what He has done in your life. If someone is achingly lonely, tell him or her about the friend who never lets us down, and include an invitation to curl up in His arms. We have available, an Omniscient, Loving, Compassionate Lord and He does not intend that we keep Him to ourselves. As the Steve Green song says, "People need the Lord." Pray that God will use you to bring people to Him. But be warned; if you pray that prayer, you will get what you asked for!

: ) Jan